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World Keeps Spinning Round and Round – Update October 31

So, it’s 31st October, and I think that we should sum the story “World Keeps Spinning Round and Round” a bit; first because I like pretty stats and second because it could help me sort out the way I want to continue this story, when November (and together with the month NaNoWriMo) ends, and I will be able to focus on the story once more.

I started posting this story on my AO3 on 5th September 2015, and until today I uploaded 15 chapters in length of 6800 words total.

So far, the story (we are talking about AO3 stats, at the moment – at FFnet, where I also started posting it the story is nowhere near concerning the traffic), got over 1400 views, which means a new chapter had been posted every 2-3 days, depending on how much interest the story brought at the moment.

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I dare you to – 100 re-captcha challenge! (also known as “that’s what she said!”)

So, while I was browsing the internet, I couldn’t help but notice how often I was supposed to do the re-captcha thingy. While annoying, when I got the captcha saying “real mccoy”, I finally realized what the captcha was trying to tell me all along.

100 theme challenge, themes picked from what captcha told me.

And just like Christopher Pike, I dare you to take part in this with me, to prove to captcha that we can do it. Pick a pairing, make it gen – do whatever it takes to write all 100 re-captchas, just like I am going to.

Now, what did captcha say? Read and find out under the cut.

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