30 AUs of Bilbo and Viola – A Plan

So, after seeing so many series of 30 AUs challenges for various OTPs, I decided to make 30 AUs of my own AU named “Bilbo and Viola BFFs”.

What will the 30 AUs consist of?

For example of those AUs:

Coffee Shop

– or tea shop, after all, hobbits like their tea, no? And it’s not like you can have enough stories for this particular AU.

King And Guard

– not entirely decided who will be the royalty and who the loyal guard here, but it certainly will be fun

Fashion World

– for the sake of not having negative self body image, enter hobbits!


– already written, this part is named The Moriason Case. Bilbo and Viola are detectives, newly assigned to Erebor unit. Their reception is… lukewarm at best.


– for hobbits are natural storytellers, which would make them amazing bards in computer games.


– not very fond of this AU, but it does have its appeal and this self-challenge wouldn’t be complete without it.


– because I can.


– of who to whom? Not sure about it myself, but that’s quite alright.

Arranged Marriage

– how would our hobbits deal with arranged match between themselves? ‘Tis different than when you marry someone you want and when you marry someone who had been forcedd on you through matchmaker’s services.

Sci-Fi crossover

– Star trek or Mass Effect related? Not sure myself, since both have so much potential.


– since it must be so nice to find out your best friend is also someone who is the closest soul out of all the souls to you.

Different Races

– probably won’t make one of them orcs or goblins, since that would be just weird, but other races are fair game.

Death of One

– because sometimes the road comes to an end.


– students, or teachers? Both would be interesting thing to write.

Fantasy crossover

– with Divinity game, because that would be just priceless.

Porn Industry

– as actors, directors or script writers, since they would rock at all three.

And more. So many AUs to write, so little time!


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