Best Intentions – A Summary of Sorts, May 3

Since Best Intentions is one my most read stories (well, depends, on the most read of my stories are from different fandom), I decided to publish a sort of a summary for the story, what I have written, what I’m writing and what still needs to be written.

Let us see the summary and talk about it in more detail.


– the whole premise of the story – taken from a kink meme prompt; in short Bilbo’s soulmate is Thorin Oakenshield who is also his arranged match, but Thorin’s nephews absolutely hate the hobbit and would do anything to be rid of him, because there are so much worthier people who should be their uncle’s spouse

– added my OC into the story – Viola Whitfoot, Bilbo’s friend and another hobbit who bears dwarven soulmark

– beginning, where I start from somewhere in the middle of the whole story, where the siblings already acted on their plan, making Thorin banish his spouse

– more like sketched out how the story progresses from where the soulmarks appear and they discover who their spouses are


– rewriting what I already had written, since it needs to be expanded

– fleshing Viola’s character out more, so she’s more lively and not that much of a Mary Sue (according to the survey my kind readers took for me and what I came to realize myself)

– doing some groundwork for the soulmate trope I used for this story and how to make it work (which means how exactly the soulmarks come to be, how they characterize the soulmate, how the soulbond will react to accepting/rejection)

Рfinishing the partial chapters  I started working on during NaNoWriMo 2014


– finish fleshing out how exactly the story will continue (right now I just about got to Erebor)

– add the chapters that will be in-between on what I already started to write and now need to get to, since I have blind spots in the plot line of the size of Smaug

– find quotes for the beginnings of the chapters (because those are words of wisdom)

– also decide how I actually plan to finish the story (since I have about five different variants and am unable to pick the one I will use for the story)

– think on the possibility to write one ending for the main story and upload the other variants as separate stories (sort of like yet another AU of an AU, because your story can never have enough AUs, right? Right?!)

Any opinions and/or questions, folks?


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