Best Served Cold – Second Chances, Update July 11

Had been a while since I last updated my series Best Served Cold, eh?

Thing is, after I quickly published the first two parts (Best Served Cold and Second Servings), my Muse decided to get all coy with me, and would never stick by my side long enough to allow me to update on regular basis.

Which, I’ll have you know, is just mean.

Apart from my flighty Muse, I also have a job now – not an overly well-paid one, but still I earn enough to pay my bills and be able to buy something to myself time to time as well. However, the hours were first so crazy that I had no time to sit down and get some proper writing done at proper update schedule, and while now I do have sort-of less crazy working schedule (even if working in shifts is getting my own schedule crazy) and have the shifts actually planned out in advance, I’m still finding myself unable to update the fics I would like to work on some more because I haven’t updated them, for, like, eternity.

Anyway, I finally managed to glue my Muse to one place for long enough to get at least a draft of an update (almost haven’t managed to eat properly during that particular lunch break during 12-hour-long shift), and now you can enjoy the latest part on my Archive of Our Own or profile.

Now, what can you look forward in the next updates?

  • Jane and her former crew!
  • Trouble ahead, alias why the heck did I start writing this AU remix of Journey to Babel!
  • More of my rambings!
  • General awesomeness of the characters!

If there is anything in particular you would like to know about this series, please, do not hesitate to ask 🙂


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