World Keeps Spinning Round and Round – Update October 31

So, it’s 31st October, and I think that we should sum the story “World Keeps Spinning Round and Round” a bit; first because I like pretty stats and second because it could help me sort out the way I want to continue this story, when November (and together with the month NaNoWriMo) ends, and I will be able to focus on the story once more.

I started posting this story on my AO3 on 5th September 2015, and until today I uploaded 15 chapters in length of 6800 words total.

So far, the story (we are talking about AO3 stats, at the moment – at FFnet, where I also started posting it the story is nowhere near concerning the traffic), got over 1400 views, which means a new chapter had been posted every 2-3 days, depending on how much interest the story brought at the moment.

Captchas used for the chapter titles so far:

– media frenzy

– genghis khan

– crocodile tears

– not in Kansas

– break the ice

– counting sheep

– real mccoy

– shoulder of Orion

– deal me in

– weakest link

– tribe has spoken

– space is big

– cross the rubicon

– hello sweetie

– you shall not pass

In those parts, we saw the match between Khan Noonien Singh, official of Augment Directorate, and Jamie Tabitha Kirk, Starfleet Captain and a hero, being arranged and announced. So far, the story brought us to Augment homeworld, where Jamie and her closest friends finally meet her husband to be, make acquaintances, and the soon-to-be-weds get to spend some time together before they are expected to say their ‘I do’s.

Of course, the wedding ceremony already started, and will continue in at least two more parts.

Anyway, for visuals:

Jamie will be wearing this amazing dress, have her hair like this and oh, her makeup:


Khan’s wedding attire, however, is a tad trickier. I’m undecided whether to dress him up in Indian wedding attire, or just slap him in a tail-coat or tuxedo. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Indian wedding attire is very nicely colourful and styled:

It would also much better work with the canon about Khan. The problem? I’m unsure whether I would be able to describe the pieces of this attire properly without messing it up completely D: So if anyone would be willing to help me with these, please, drop me a note.

The other option would be a tail-coat, because I adore tail-coats, and I think men wearing one are just very, very handsome.

Given John Harrison’s fondness for dark colours, I think the tail-coat on the right would be classy enough for Khan Noonien Singh’s wedding, even without the cane and the top hat (but imagine him wearing those. Oh my!)

So, folks, opinions? Share them! There probably won’t be anything from me regarding this story for the next month anyway, so don’t be afraid to send me words! You have time!


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